119, Amrta Lal Dey Road (Hospital Road) Barisal-8200, Bangladesh.
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Let us show you through our root history of our company

Time changes continually and with it changes Man. Man’s changes are reflected among others in his food habits, and consequently, changes are there in the list of dishes. Let alone gratification of the tongue, taking unadulterated food is a must to maintain hygiene and a better life. And hence, changes have made their way into the art of production of food which prompted food producing organisations to combine brilliance, diversity, excellence, quality, purity, taste as well moral obligations in the field.

In the long stream of that change Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. has set its foot as a food producing entity. Fixing ‘Work is Virtue’ as our motto we have been running our productive activities with honesty and utmost sincerity. To make just profit is not our ultimate aim. Our concern is to bring the maximum of satisfaction to and receive the greatest of acceptance from the consumers while adding as much as possible to the productive scenario of the country.

Due to strict compliance with standards and use of safest raw materials each of our products has been earning and enjoying the deepest confidence of the consumers. It is our hope and firm conviction that in respect of taste, excellence and standard the well-timed as well as hygienic products of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. shall once gain the unique status representing and disseminating he everlasting choices of Bangalees the world over.

We believe, each and every effort along the path of goodness with appropriate efficiency ultimately succeeds. Greetings on behalf of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. on our production oriented way forward!